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Epic! Every episode gets better and better! Can't wait to see what happens next!

THe depth that you are giving the characters within each episode (and mini-sode) just keeps adding that much more awesomeness to it.


Being a huge Legend of Zelda and a fan of Granfaloon's series, I must say that I enjoyed your animation. Like some of the other reviewers have said, I would like to see more Zelda animations from you in the future if you ever get a chance. Also, I think finding a voice actor for Navi would be a good step in the right direction. That being said, your use of the in-game sounds was great, especially the sound Navi makes after the Stalfos come out of the ground.

Looking forward to your future animations!

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Wow!! That was...

Awesome!! I was wondering if you were ever going to animate the other chapters :) I really enjoyed the animation and the work you put into it.

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Just...walking?? And then you need to buy extra levels. I'm sorry, but this was a waste of my time

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Another great short game!! Really enjoying these!!

I did find a glitch however. When I went to replay the game, the boat was already cut off from the dock and I didn't need to get the bell or anything. Just something to look at.

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Good concept and game

Just spent a close to an hour going through the game, upgrading, etc. It is an excellent game and I did not experience any problems. I will say that there were not many pokemon to catch within these first few levels, but I suspect that will change with upcoming updates.

What Im curious about is a the idea of when a pokemon levels up, the area which they can attack might also expand just a bit? Otherwise, it seemed to me that leveling had no immediate effect unless it resulted in learning a move. Perhaps include a screen explaining the effects of leveling up?

Looking forward to more levels and updates.

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Olmate responds:

Will def keep that in mind. Thanks!

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